• We, MAROONRED ( Maroon Red Enterprise (002382695-K) AMODA 88, Jalan Yew Off Jalan Sungai Besi,55100 Kuala Lumpur (hereinafter known as MR) wish to thank you for your interest in our designs and products. As our Agents, you will enjoy special discounts and privileges which will be announced by MR from time to time. The terms and conditions contained herein are intended to regulate the relationship between MR and agents and also to ensure the convenience of all intended parties.

  • Dropshipper will given 10% discount per item selling.

  • Please note,on special sale item will be given 5% discount only.

  • Upon payment of RM100 (being the dropshipper lifetime registration fees) and by

    registering as one of our DS, you are hereby declare that you have read, understood and

    accepted the terms and conditions in its entirely without any reservation or amendment.

  • Each dropshipper account needs to hit sales target at least (min : RM1500) for the first

    3 MONTHS of trial duration.and you’ll entitled to be our permanent dropshipper.

  • We have the right to terminate inactive dropshipper or didn’t hit sale target.

    A new application and deposit will be requires to re-open an inactive account.

  • Please be informed that dropshipper will only applicable to online transaction only and

    not for walk-in transaction in our physical store/head office.

  • Please note,that any further changes to this Terms and Conditions shall not be amended

    and replaced without any prior notice to the DS. We appreciate your cooperation to periodically visit our website and our social media site (Instagram and others) for any updates, changes or further development of the terms and conditions.

  • If you have any inquiries on the terms and conditions, please do not hesitate to contact us at 019-8867716 (24/7)


MR undertakes that all the products described and offered at our website and any other MR official social media are correct at the time of published or advertisement.MR shall not accept any responsibility on any discoloration due to the difference as appear in your computer,tablet or telephone. MR also undertake to promtly correct any errors or missinformation (if any) and update dropshipper accordingly.

  • Maroon Red does not guarantee inventory in terms of in-stock status or restock dates.Inventory status information is estimated and may change without prior notice.Likewise product prices,descriptions and designs may also change without notice.

  • Dropshipper can placing orders directly through our website.The product availability is on “first come first serve’ basic.By referring product details on Maroonred website ( Dropshipper is deemed to have confirmed on the price,measurement and description of the said product.MR shall not be held responsible for any errors or mistake by the dropshipper placing order.

  • Please note, the shipping cost in the “item details” page of each item. Retailers are required to pay the stated shipping rate with the cost of good purchased.Suppliers are not reponsible for shipping cost.When the retailer pays for the item,the shipping cost will be automatically added to their invoice. Once the product has been shipped to a customers,the supplier is required to include the tracking number under the record of the purchase order.


  • Item delivery base on details or contact provided by the dropshipper on placing the order.

  • Shall dropshipper opted for delivery by postage, MR shall notify dropshipper the

    estimated time frame on delivery of the products (depending of the postal service).

  • Shall dropshipper opted for self-collection,MR will notify dropshipper on the time and

    place of the self-collection.

  • MR shall not be responsible for missdelivery due to wrong address or incomplete delivery

    details.Please ensure that the information provided to MR is complete,true and up-to date.

  • MR will use credible postal service in which the quality of delivery is recommended and

    shall not be held liable if the products ordered are lost during delivery.

  • To ensure the safe delivery of our products,please ensure that there are people who will

    receive the product sent in order to avoid any unexpected problems.

  • For international shipping,postal surcharge or import duties will be count by per kg.

  • Shipping Damage : Maroon Red will not cover items damaged by the shipping carrier.

  • The Modalyst Marketplace follows flat rate shipping on a per supplier basic.Across the Modalyst Marketplace, there is a limit to the shipping costs depending on the region from which the item is being sent.For Example,MYR to MYR (west malaysia) shipping has a limit of RM 9 for (0.5kg) add on item RM 10 (0.75kg) plus a max of RM 11 (1kg) per additional item sent by the same supplier.

  • Which is that order more than 1kg will be count base on item weight.

  • Suppliers will indicate their processing times as well as their delivery times on their

    dropshipping profile.Retailers should review these processing times and delivery times prior to engaging in a dropshipping relationship with supplier.Please note that processing times + delivery times is the (estimated time) it takes to get an item to your customer.


  • Damage to the product,dropshipper should immediately contact MR to either return the products within seven (7) days or inform MR of the shortage in delivery.

  • MR assure the quality of products received by dropshipper and therefore only product that is certified damaged, faulty or defective in terms of specification, colour and design will be replaced.

  • Products that are certified in good condition and meet the standards of MR will not be changed.

  • Please provide MR with proof of postage or invoice and proof of the payment to enable MR to process for any product replacements (whatapps only).

  • MR will not entertain any request for replacement after 7 (seven ) days from receipt of the said product.

  • For the avoidance of doubt, MR will only replace or exchange the product with another similar product only. No payment will be made unless deemed appropriate by the MR.

  • Dropshipper are not allowed to reproduce the products or use the exclusive label of MR on other unauthorised products without the prior written permission from MR.

  • Dropshipper are not allowed to sell the products more expensive than the recommended retail price.

  • Dropshipper must be responsible for the DS own customers.MR shall not be accountable and shall not be held liable on any matter involving the customers of the DS.


  • Dropshipper has agreed and consented to the disclosure of personal data and information provided for the purposes of the terms and conditions.

  • MR undertakes that all personal data and any information obtained from the dropshipper will be used only for the purposes of registration and records.

  • MR will not share information with other persons without the approval by the DS.